LFA's 30 Objects in 30 Days project

New Blackglaze

We’re delighted to share EPR’s nomination for this year’s (Digital) London Festival of Architecture’s 30 Objects in 30 Days – presented by our friend, the fabulous Kate Malone, MBE.

The influential ceramic artist and collaborator on our project 24 Savile Row, nominates one of the 10,000 hand-glazed tiles that adorn this bespoke and beautiful building located on the corner site of one of London’s most famous districts. It is an artisan embodiment of the power of craft, tradition, reputation and timeless quality - and pays tribute to Savile Row’s luxury tailoring history. Our selection is a reminder of the great power and value of art and its contribution to modern architecture.

View our video submission alongside the full collection in this series on the LFA website from 1-30 June.

11231 Cannon Place Hotel External © Epr Architects
Cannon Place Hotel achieves planning consent

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Mark Bruce Nla Expert Panel Member Retail
NLA Retail + Hospitality Expert Panel

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The Passage A Taste Of Home
The Passage’s special anniversary cookbook

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9679 The Ram Quarter River View 2 © Anthony Weller
Ram Quarter tours part of Open House 2020

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