EPR provides support to tackle shortage in PPE Equipment

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The EPR modelmakers are back working safely from our Millbank studio to produce PPE for frontline workers in hospitals and care homes. The initiative established by the team at Helpful Engineer UK uses open-source solutions to mobilise communities in a bid to address urgent PPE shortages in UK hospitals during COVID-19. Our team are busy in the workshop doing their bit for the cause - utilising our 3D and laser printers and cutters to make reusable visors for NHS staff and helping to reach the collective target of 1,000 units per day.

With or without the kit to hand, you can still make a difference by donating to the GoFundMe which is fundraising for materials to be put to good use by the 3,400 engineers, medics and scientists who are all working together to tackle the global shortage in equipment. 

Mark Bruce Nla Expert Panel Member Retail
NLA Retail + Hospitality Expert Panel

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