New starters nominated for AJ Student Prize 2020

Sarah Brooke Portfolio Image 3

EPR is immensely proud of our talented architectural students, of which three have been nominated for this year’s AJ student prize — Sarah Brooke, Thomas Rowntree and Luigi Di Vito Francesco.

Undergraduate nominee Sarah’s project, ‘Hoxton Reserve Collection: A New Home for the British Museum’, proposes a new division of the British Museum, joining two programmes formerly housed in separate buildings on Orsman Road. It creates two new buildings to display the reserve collection to the public through a running gallery and library while offering social housing and private archival space to protect people and artefacts.

Undergraduate nominee Thomas’s project, ‘The Sequel’, is a two-part series which explores the issues ex-convicts face during rehabilitation, their struggle to integrate into society, the stigma that surrounds them and the risk of re-offending. The first part monitors and explores the activities on the site, using a film sequence broken down into individual frames. The second part continues to explore film-framing techniques, critically studying a sequence of spaces which speed up or slow down the rate at which ex-convicts reform.

Postgraduate nominee Luigi’s project, ‘Monument to an Impending Disaster, Mount Bromo’, explores the architectural potential and impact of a solar geoengineering method currently being investigated to mitigate the escalating climate crisis: the injection of sulphate compounds in the Earth’s stratosphere. The project envisages a series of temporary sulphur extraction and firing factories located on sites where sulphur can be mined. At the end of their lifespan, these factories are designed to fall into ruins; their fabric impacted by the corrosive nature of sulphuric acid falling back onto the site.

Congratulations to all of the winners and nominees for their inspiring work!

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