The Hari


The design brief for The Hari (formerly known as Belgraves), a high-end boutique hotel, demanded a complete refurbishment of the existing outdated hotel both internally and externally, with minimum impact to the concrete structure.

Belgraves Reading
Belgraves Stairs

The hotel layout was completely reconfigured to improve guest usage, hotel servicing and efficiency of space. Key design changes included the replacement of the 1980s tinted brown glass extension with a clear double-height frameless glass façade that provides better light and transparency. We also designed the solid timber and bronze entrance door with a bronze-finished canopy and columns protruding through the frameless glass frontage.

The flow of spaces between public areas is visually and practically seamless, forming an immediate sense of arrival well before guests reach their rooms. The specific use of materials is an essential part of the design, from an external planning perspective through to the definition of spaces internally. 

Materials, layout and furniture have been carefully selected to address the low ceiling heights and restricted space throughout the building whilst minimising any impact on guest comfort and functionality. We worked in collaboration with interior designer Tara Bernerd & Partners, a creative partnership that resulted in an intelligent and high-end design solution.

Belgraves Lounge
Belgraves Restaurant
Belgraves Bathroom
Belgraves Entrance

Client: Harilela Hotels | Services: Architecture | Size: 85 guest rooms | Collaborators: Tara Bernerd & Partners