Conington Road


Conington Road masterplan reinforces Lewisham as a Metropolitan Town Centre and its drive to become a more integrated and sustainable destination.

10472 Conington Road Cgi © Cityscape Digital Illustrative View 02
Conington Road Context Cgi Model
10472 Crop Conington Road Cgi 2 © Epr Architects
10472 Crop Conington Road Cgi © Epr Architects
10472 Conington Road Cgi 4 © Epr Architects

The residential-led scheme provides over 370 homes of mixed tenure and size. High-quality architectural and landscape design features ensure that Conington Road is attractive, safe and resilient whilst providing a focal element to the borough’s new and emerging skyline. By integrating the development with neighbouring communities, our design brings regeneration benefits to the surrounding areas and town centre. Buildings of appropriate scale and massing harmonise the old and new, repairing the fragmented streetscape.

10472 Conington Road Cgi 5 © Epr Architects
10472 Conington Road Cgi 6 © Epr Architects

Client: Meyer Homes | Services: Masterplanning; Architecture | Size: 370 apartments