Martineau Galleries


In 2017 EPR developed a concept masterplan for the Martineau Galleries as part of an analysis of the impact and opportunities generated by the arrival of HS2. Our concept study sought to establish a new gateway to the north of the city centre where living, working and shopping come together within a high-quality public realm.

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The redevelopment of the site aimed to act as a fulcrum, connecting the business district of Snowhill to the west, the city’s established retail core to the south and the emerging HS2 Station development to the east.

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Our concept study, developed to be highly phaseable, included more than 1,000,000ft² of office space, 1,100 residential apartments and 50,000ft² of complementary retail space focused around a vibrant and well-connected public realm.

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Client: PRD | Services: Masterplanning; Architecture | Size: 1,000,000ft² office space; 1,100 apartments; 50,000ft² retail space