55 St James's Street

St James's

In the heart of St James’s this contemporary mixed-use building provides Grade A office accommodation and high-end residential units with a palette of materials, massing and proportion that refer to the rich historic context of the site.

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The building’s external materials give a distinct nod to the architectural heritage of the area, with the use of Portland stone, brick and lead. The northern elevation on Bennet Street has been subdivided into three portions, or ‘townhouses’, to reduce the overall mass of the building and to complement the townscape of St James’s with its smaller plot sizes. The overarching lead mansard roof unites the building where the elevation changes from Portland stone at St James’s Street to brick at Arlington Street and ensures that the development integrates seamlessly into the surrounding area.

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We reconfigured an existing consent to make significant improvements to the scheme by increasing the flexibility of the office floor plates with an efficient single-stair core and replanned the residential units to provide enhanced living accommodation.

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Rossiter Design Studio commissioned two unique contemporary art pieces for the building; the office entrance is fronted by Martin Donlin’s external glass surround and internal backlit glass screen which feature images capturing the area’s character and history. The office and residential entrances are signposted by Sarah Kay’s bespoke wooden doors, designed to mimic the lapels on a blazer, referencing the private members’ clubs in the area and the tailors and outfitters of Jermyn Street.

Client: Lothbury Investment Management Limited on behalf of Lothbury Property Trust Company Limited | Services: Architecture | Size: 48,350ft² | Collaborators: Rossiter Design Studio