Situated on the harbourside and within view of Bristol Castle, Templeback is a high-quality office building designed in response to the historic context of the surrounding Conservation Area and waterfront location.

Templeback 2
Templeback 1

Templeback's proximity to Temple Quay, the new office quarter, demanded a building of outstanding quality and unique character.

EPR's design optimised the scheme's waterfront location; creating a new public realm that engages with the existing pedestrian network by insetting the building in order to provide a public waterside walk with the building cantilevered over above. The harbourside brick elevations are solid, drawing inspiration from the traditional warehouses in the surrounding warehouse, whilst the Templeback façades create interest by providing a glassy foil to the retained decorative arched wall of the former electricity power station. The welcome experience was augmented by creating a striking and expansive reception space; a clear and dramatic guest arrival point.

This wall has been restored and incorporated into the design with new doorways formed at either end with have 10m high glass artworks by Alexander Beleschenko. Overhead glazing closes the gap between new and old and lights the route to the central entrance hall.

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The cores within the building have been located to minimise deep space and to resolve the irregular geometry of the site. 

The building achieved BREEAM 'Excellent'. 

Client: UK & European Investments | Services: Architecture | Size: 151,965ft² | Collaborators: Alexander Beleschenko