Caro Point


Caro Point is the focal point of the Grosvenor Waterside development and one of the final buildings that complete the overall masterplan, transforming the site from its former industrial use into a new public urban quarter.

Caro Abstract
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Moorehouse Lobby
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All residents have access to the Grosvenor Waterside Spa, an exclusive health and fitness club designed by EPR. We worked in collaboration with St James Group to oversee the delivery following Sheppard Robson’s original design.

Caro Bedroom

Central to the design is our three-metre kinetic stainless steel sculpture that sits on the top of the building and forms part of the public art program. The form, based on a swan’s wing, catches the light and creates an illusionary spring above the conceptual ‘waterfall’ of sculpted glass balconies ‘tumbling’ down the façade of the building into the water below.

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Caro Sketch1
Caro Sculpture2
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Client: St James Group | Services: Executive Architect | Size: 164 apartments