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Our Coronavirus Business Continuity Plan

The health of EPR Architects' employees and clients is our primary concern. In light of global precautions for the COVID-19 Coronavirus and building upon recommendations from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the government, we have partially closed our London, Manchester and Wrocław premises.

Whilst our studios are open to allow for flexible use and meetings, the practice will mostly be working remotely and our team attending meetings and events virtually.

EPR Architects would like to reassure our clients that we have in place a robust, enduring Business Continuity Plan to ensure that we can continue to provide the outstanding service which our clients expect and with minimal disruption throughout the coronavirus pandemic. We are monitoring the situation closely and following government and World Health Organisation advice and we will react proportionately as necessary. We already have in place a number of measures to ensure business continuity and these have been regularly and recently tested.

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We have an existing Business Continuity Plan in place that is regularly reviewed and updated, including with regard to the recent Coronavirus outbreak:

As part of our existing Business Continuity Plan we have invested heavily in systems and IT infrastructure that allows our staff to access our network and systems from home via a VPN with all the usual processes, controls and security in place. This is used regularly by staff in the course of usual business and we have recently successfully trialled and load-tested the system to emulate a situation where all staff are required to work from home.

Isolated Studios
We have two studios in the UK in separate cities and one studio in Poland which gives us geo-isolation and resilience where necessary. All non-essential travel between studios has been suspended to further isolate these different environments.

Meetings / Communication
We have in place audio and video-conferencing systems that allow us to attend and host remote meetings with multiple external participants.

We have in place multiple, independent internal messaging and communication systems that allow our teams to communicate effectively with each other and these systems are used reliably in the course of usual business to communicate between our various studios or where our staff are not in physical proximity. Staff can access emails on their mobile phones when not connected to our systems and we are able to communicate rapidly with staff by text message broadcast in critical situations.

Employee / Client Wellbeing
We are regularly communicating to our staff regarding the rapidly changing Coronavirus situation, including advice on the prevention of spread, guidance on symptoms and detection and also where the latest government advice on the virus and travel information can be found.

The health of EPR Architects' employees and clients is our primary concern and we are keeping those directly affected by the virus in our thoughts.

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