EPR Architects news

This week, the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) unveils the concept designs for 13 unique installations that will bring to life 13 shop windows along Regent Street as part of the annual RIBA Windows Project, which will take place 7th - 27th September, 2015.

Anthroplogie’s displays are dedicated to hand making and craft, using and rearranging materials to form captivating shapes and displays. Inspired by this approach, EPR Architects, with Vertikal Space and the Materials Council, have explored how left-over space can create a dynamic, engaging installation that references the seasonal range of the brand. Having interrogated a range of materials from concrete canvas to fibre optics, EPR will use a simple natural recyclable material to fill the window and create a surprising space by scooping and carving it out.

To view the 13 installations please click here