Gingerbread City

Swapping concrete for icing, EPR’s architectural elves worked hard designing, baking and constructing the Siren Crispie Reservoir for this year’s Museum of Architecture's brilliantly festive Gingerbread City exhibition at Westfield Shepherd’s Bush.

Festive Exhibition

Inspired by the theme, 'Water in Cities', the gingerbread metropolis maximises the potential of water, harvesting excessive water from the surrounding terrain whilst a sugar tap tops up the reservoir’s water levels from a subterranean supply. The tranquil reservoir also provides a calming ecosystem for the creatures of the deep, who in turn purify the water to supply to those in need.

Here is a sneak peek at EPR’s sugary creation, featuring a delicious hut, fruitful foliage, tranquil streams and a pampered mermaid bathing in the water’s mysterious depths.