Net Zero Carbon

EPR Architects is delivering a growing number of net zero carbon projects, well ahead of UK government ambitions for achieving net zero carbon by 2050. These include both new build developments and retrofits such as our own London studio, All Saints.

We achieve these stringent embodied and operational carbon targets by interrogating the carbon implications of all aspects of a building, from the very outset of the project. These range from orientation and planning right through to structure, building systems and material selection. Our approach is informed by EPR’s comprehensive in-house sustainability guidance and shaped by our expert team of sustainability champions.

We maximise the benefits of fabric-first design to minimise solar heat gain and glare. We design our buildings efficiently to reduce the amount of new material required, taking advantage of pre-fabrication to reduce waste and making use of recycled materials. We look to harness the onsite generation of renewable energy including wind power, photovoltaic technology, bio-fuel, ground source heat pumps and solar hot water heating.

EPR also recognises that to be truly sustainable, our buildings need to last. That’s why we design to ensure they are well-loved, age well and have the flexibility to change if required.