Green Legacy

At EPR Architects, we take our sustainability responsibilities seriously. At a time of climate emergency, we strive to minimise the carbon footprint of all our projects. As a result, many of our buildings are low or net zero carbon in construction and operation, providing energy efficiency with enormous benefits for clients and occupants alike.

We have a long history of sustainable design, creating communities where those who live, and work, can thrive. Working with Ralph Erskine, we delivered the first two phases of the pioneering Greenwich Millennium Village, which is recognised globally for its low impact, low energy and water recycling technologies. We were responsible for the first UK office development to use combined heat and power (CHP) technology and the first residential development to win an ‘Excellent’ EcoHomes rating from the Building Research Establishment.

EPR also has a strong track record in retrofitting and repurposing buildings, ensuring that they can continue their useful life for many years to come.

Our extensive experience spans sustainable masterplanning, design for biodiversity, low-energy design, renewable energy integration, designing for heritage sites and helping clients benefit from engagement with social sustainability.

Our projects deliver another important green legacy. Robust and flexible, EPR’s new buildings will stand the test of time and age well. Just as we enjoy repurposing existing buildings ourselves, we hope our new buildings will be the retrofits of tomorrow and will one day be adapted for new uses that will extend their lives further.