At a time of climate emergency, maximising the potential of existing buildings is overwhelmingly preferable to demolition and new build. EPR Architects is proud to support The Architects’ Journal’s RetroFirst campaign, which advocates re-use and adaptation when possible as a way to reduce the construction industry’s carbon emissions.

Retrofit presents huge creative opportunities as well as sustainability benefits. We have worked extensively with existing heritage buildings, often adapting them to successful new uses such as The Ned, a former banking headquarters, NoMad London, a former magistrates court and police station and the Old War Office (now OWO) in Whitehall. All are now distinctive hotels in the capital. 

In Birmingham, we transformed one of the city’s best-known buildings, the former Lewis department store, into exemplary office accommodation.

As well as extending their lifespans, these buildings’ distinctive pedigrees are a key part of the appeal of their new incarnations.

Sometimes our retrofits prolong the original use of the building. At 60 London Wall, for example, we completely reinvented a postmodern office building, stripping it back to its frame and upgrading its thermal efficiency to create exemplary City of London workspace.

All our new builds are designed for longevity due to their robustness and potential for re-use — making them the ideal retrofit candidates of the future.