As one of the larger practices in the UK, we are conscious we have the opportunity to influence both the profession and the wider industry. EPR Architects takes this responsibility seriously, working in collaboration with other practices and industry associations in the pursuit of shared social value.


We are proud to be supporters and contributors to many successful initiatives including The Architects’ Journal’s RetroFirst campaign, which advocates re-use and adaptation instead of demolition and new build. We are also a signatory of the Architects Declare Climate and Biodiversity Emergency declaration.


We support Built By Us, which campaigns for diversity and inclusion in the built environment, and are Gold Sponsor of the organisation’s FLUID Diversity Mentoring Programme. This supports and guides early career professionals from groups facing barriers to success.

Within our own practice, we worked with our diversity consultant at Built By Us to develop the EPR Everyone strategy, an equality, diversity and inclusion action plan. This includes our goals of improving our ability to attract diverse talent, and to become a role model for our industry and community.


As a keen advocate of equality, diversity and inclusion, we work with partners across the industry to tackle gender inequality and the lack of diversity present in the wider construction industry. EPR contributes to and supports RIBA’s ongoing initiatives to raise awareness of and improve attitudes towards LGBTQ+ architects.

We are long-term supporters of The Architects’ Journal and The Architectural Review’s W Programme, which promotes equality and diversity in architectural practice. We also support the Architects’ Mental Wellbeing Forum.


EPR is a corporate member of New London Architecture (NLA), which is a focus for the debate and discussion of issues facing the built environment in the capital. Our staff are encouraged to attend and contribute to the programme of conferences, talks, events and exhibitions. In this way, we can participate in important conversations about the future of London.

We are a member of NLA’s NextGen initiative, which identifies and supports young talent within the industry, and we contribute to NLA’s expert panels on work and the high street. EPR also supports the Construction Youth Trust, which works to enable young people from low-income backgrounds in London to access a career in construction.