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Climate change and corporate social responsibility are the two most urgent global issues. International governments, regulatory bodies and the public have recognised the necessity to act and the market demands ever higher levels of environmentally and socially sustainable development.

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EPR Architects has a long history in sustainable architecture having designed both the first office development in the country to use combined heat and power (CHP) technology and the first residential development to win an ‘excellent’ EcoHomes rating from the Building Research Establishment. Today, sustainability is embedded into our design approach. In close consultation with our clients and other consultants, we look at a whole range of relevant considerations from air quality, transport, light pollution, community issues, safety and opportunities for increased natural bio-diversity.

Our designs use massing, orientation and façade engineering to reduce the carbon footprint of a building. We have completed buildings with triple-glazed, active solar walls, winter-gardens, self-ventilated façades and numerous other building fabric solutions to provide natural light whilst minimising solar heat-gain and glare. We have also participated in the development of a swimming pool cover with an integrated heat-recovery system for one of the leading hotel operators.

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We endeavour to control the amount of material used in construction and maintenance of our building designs and reduce waste through the use of recycled materials, pre-fabrication and waste management. We have a dedicated Technical Services Group who advise on material specification including FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified timber, low GWP (global warming potential), low ODP (ozone depletion potential) and recycled materials.

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We are currently working with a number of services consultancies and the BRE to develop renewable energy solutions to satisfy specific planning requirements and clients’ wishes for sustainable developments. We have experience with many renewable energy strategies including; wind power, photovoltaic technology, bio-fuel, ground source heat pumps and solar hot water heating.

Our architecture has developed within an integrated approach to the wider project stakeholders, communities and neighbourhoods. Through our pioneering work on the first Millennium Community at Greenwich and mixed use developments, such as Cardinal Place, we endeavour to create architecture which achieves our clients’ goals and the aspirations of the wider community.

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We are a member of the UK Green Building Council (UKGBC) and our staff are encouraged to participate in its activities, task groups and government consultations. We are also a sponsor of the UKGBC’s Pinpoint — an exciting sustainability online portal for built environment professional.

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