Art for All Saints

We commissioned EPR Associate Director, Bozena Czyz — our very own architect turned artist — to create a large-scale abstract painting to hang above the striking original cantilevered stone staircase in the entryway of our London studio, All Saints.


Taking inspiration from the architectural language of the building, the stunning piece beautifully captures the essence and materiality of the studio. The exposed brickwork, steel truss beams and existing mosaic tiled floors of the reception have been translated onto canvas through dramatic textures, a limited colour palette and dynamic marks and brush strokes. Working with oil and rust paint, Bozena transformed the impressive reception space into an abstract composition of solid textured forms and shapes.


Bozena’s artwork seeks to communicate her own experience with the intention of eliciting a similar emotional response in the observer. The piece, entitled ‘The Echoes’, captures her feelings when walking through the new arrival space whilst the title reflects her connection with All Saints and the building's layers of history on display.