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We are currently looking to recruit creative and passionate Part I students. If you’re interested in joining our London team, please send your CV and A4 samples of work in PDF format to recruitment@epr.co.uk.


EPR actively seek out the best students from a wide range of Universities including; Nottingham, Westminster, Sheffield, Greenwich and The University of Manchester. We are extremely proud of our Part I’s, with many candidates achieving first class honors; demonstrating exceptional design and communication skills.

Each year we attend end of year crits and workshops to establish relationships with students and studio tutors alike. Interviews with all prospective candidates take place in May / June with a start date in August to allow an overlap with the outgoing students. This creates opportunities to share experiences, benefit from in-house mentoring and gain extensive computer training. 

Below are examples of our current Part I’s portfolio work. 

Smith Morgan Section P1

Harriet Beale, University of Nottingham
An immersive gin distillery experience stitching together the disparate fabric of Croydon. The project explores expressing each element of the distillery process in a dramatic tangible way. 

Harriet Zillah Beale Gin Distillery
Sheel Sectional Perspective2

Sheel Kothari, University of Nottingham
A business creative centre in Croydon incorporating a hierarchy of start-up spaces for launching and accelerating business opportunities. 

Shahriar Doha, University of Westminster
A design workshop for studio Bottega that explores the promenade through space with light and texture. 

Shahriar Doha Portfolio 5
Louise Perspective Section

Louise Jones, University of Nottingham
Building upon the cultural heritage of the South Bank, this project is for the Performing Arts College with a public centre and associated teaching space. 

Owen Nagy Sectional Axo
Smith Morgan Sec Pec

Ryan Smith, University of Sheffield
Located in Leeds town centre, this is a centre for Artificial Intelligence inspired by the Japanese metabolists and kinetic energy. 

Owen Nagy Southern Approach Perspective

Owen Nagy, University of Greenwich
Exploring the possibilities of 3D printing, this is an art gallery residence and workshop for the robotic artist, Patrick Tresset. 

Benjamin Norris, University of Manchester
On a site adjacent Piccadilly Station in Manchester, this museum for 'Human to Computer Interactive' is inspired by the pioneering artificial intelligence work by Alan Turing. 

Benjamin Norris Internal View Epr
Rachel Wallerjpeg

Rachel Waller, University of Manchester
A mixed-use residential scheme in Wilmslow Manchester incorporating a small art gallery and ten shops. 

Benjamin Norris External View Epr
Pooja Portfolio Image

Pooja Chikhlia, University of Nottingham
Aiming to revive the arts scene in East Croydon, this project is for a multi-cultural arts center and innovation hub. 

Georgina Scott, University of Sheffield
The project was for the headquarters of the women’s Equality Party incorporating a hostel and refuge. 

Georgina Scott1To50