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Our London studio is currently seeking talented architects (UK qualified) and BIM co-ordinators. If you are interested in joining our growing team, please send your CV and A4 samples of work in PDF format to recruitment@epr.co.uk.

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EPR actively seeks out the best students from a wide range of universities, including; Nottingham, Westminster, Sheffield, Greenwich and Manchester. We are extremely proud of our Part I’s, with many candidates achieving first class honours; demonstrating exceptional design and communication skills.

Each year we attend end of year crits and workshops to establish relationships with students and studio tutors alike. Interviews with all prospective candidates take place in May / June with a start date in August to allow an overlap with the outgoing students. This creates opportunities to share experiences, benefit from in-house mentoring and gain extensive computer training.

Below are examples of our current Part I’s and Part II's portfolio work.

Sarah Brooke Portfolio Image 3
Sarah Brooke Portfolio Image 4

Sarah Brooke, University of Greenwich
A new division of the British Museum, creating two new buildings to display the reserve collection to the public through a running gallery and library while offering social housing and private archival space to protect people and artefacts.

Luigi Di Vito Francesco, University of Greenwich
A series of temporary sulphur extraction and firing factories which utilise a solar geoengineering method currently being investigated to mitigate the escalating climate crisis.

Luigi Di Vito Francesco Portfolio Image 2
Luigi Di Vito Francesco Portfolio Image 3
Thomas Rowntree Portfolio Image 3

Thomas Rowntree, Birmingham City University
A two-part series which explores and analyses the issues ex-convicts face during rehabilitation, their struggle to integrate into society, the stigma that surrounds them and the risk of re-offending.

Thomas Rowntree Portfolio Image 1

Eoin O’Brien, University of Nottingham
This project seeks to challenge the hierarchical character of the UK music industry by creating an autonomous community driven by self-build and self-production techniques. The structure’s highly adaptable network of spaces allows individual plots to be tailored according to user activity.

Eoin Michael Obrien New Tin Pan Alley 2
Isobel Eaton Hotel Hypnagogia 1

Isobel Eaton, University of Greenwich
An exploration of the neither conscious nor unconscious state of hypnagogia, the space between wake and sleep, proposing a hotel in which guests are encouraged focus their gaze upwards and to sleep where they settle.

Isobel Eaton Hotel Hypnagogia 2

Harriet Beale, University of Nottingham
An immersive gin distillery experience stitching together the disparate fabric of Croydon. The project explores expressing each element of the distillery process in a dramatic tangible way.

Harriet Zillah Beale Gin Distillery
Adam Burnham Eco Synthesis 1

Adam Burnham, University of Portsmouth
A phased city-district masterplan concept exploring the impact of nature as a mechanism to drive forward true sustainable design. The masterplan utilises materials salvaged from homes damaged by future floods to create a structure with minimal embodied carbon.

Adam Burnham Eco Synthesis 2

Louise Jones, University of Nottingham
Building upon the cultural heritage of the South Bank, this project is for the Performing Arts College with a public centre and associated teaching space.

Louise Perspective Section
Louise 3 D View 1