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The creation of quality architecture demands a collaborative process. We work in partnership with our clients, the design team and the construction team; placing an emphasis on dialogue and communication. We have found that the success of a project is often as much the result of the collaboration as of the ideas which informed it.

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We pride ourselves on being a practice without ego and without a house style. Each project we are involved in is bespoke to that particular client and location, and our final designs are a result of a creative collaboration between a multitude of architects, designers and technicians. From the concept design stage onwards, projects are regularly reviewed by colleagues who do not form part of the project team.

This ensures that the emerging and maturing designs are informed by the cross-fertilisation of ideas, skills and experience that resides in the practice. Every project also undergoes technical reviews to ensure that the development of the technical design is compliant with the brief, planning consent and original design intent. They also provide a further opportunity for teams to benefit from the experience of others, particularly in regard to legislation, buildability and cost.

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Collaboration Riverlight

Working with Other Architects
Although our remit is usually design, we also collaborate with other architects to deliver a project, a position that demands exceptional design skills, a focus on detailing and the ability to add value to a scheme without compromising its inherent architectural language, principles or identity. Recent projects we have delivered include Abell and Cleland House by DSDHA Architects and Riverlight by Roger Stirk Harbour + Partners, in which we designed the integral and exclusive residents’ clubhouse.

Collaboration Riverbank

Working with Interior Designers
We have won a number of awards for our collaborations with signature interior designers including Rosewood London, High Holborn’s ultra-luxury hotel and residence, and Ace Hotel, Atelier Ace’s first hotel outside the US. Designers we have worked with include Tony Chi, Martin Brudnizki, Katherine Pooley, Tom Dixon’s Design Research Studio, Universal Design Studio and Tara Bernerd & Partners.

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Working with Artists
We love to champion public art and aim to integrate artisan materiality into the fabric of our architecture wherever possible. Our recent collaboration with renowned ceramicist Kate Malone on 24 Savile Row, has resulted in an architectural work of art, London’s first building to be fully clad in hand-glazed ceramic tiles.

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Collaboration Grosvenor Waterside Weathervane B Sk06 Print
Collaboration Grosvenor Waterside Weathervane B Sk01 Print

Public Art
Our designers have contributed several pieces of public art to our own and other practice’s schemes, including Moore House’s etched glass fin facades and Caro Point’s Swan Wing sculpture. Other artists we have worked with include Anish Kapoor, Danny Lane, Robert Orchardson and Turner Prize nominee’s Ian Davenport and David Tremlett.

Collaboration Caro Point

Design Competitions
We encourage our architects to participate in several design competitions throughout the year outside of their projects. Our recent success includes our collaboration with retailer Anthropologie as part of the RIBA Regent Street Window’s Project and our shortlisted masterplan proposal for The Royal Academy of Art.

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Collaboration Materialscouncil

We work closely with our on-site consultants The Materials Council, specialists in the research, comparison and selection of materials for architectural and interior applications.