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The EPR model makers are an integral part of our practice. The models they create play a vital role in the design process – providing an unrivalled opportunity to analyse and develop a building’s design from the outset of a project, whilst clearly communicating our ideas and vision to clients and the wider general public.

Modelmakers Modelshop 1
Modelmakers Modelshop 6

All types of model are undertaken in their modern, fully equipped workshop which incorporates CNC routing, vacuum forming and laser cutting machines – from simple foam block models used at the early stages of a scheme, through to models that explore the design and development of a building, up to complex and intricate final design models complete with lights and moving elements.

Modelmakers Modelshop 4
Modelmakers Modelshop 3
Modelmakers Ram

Situated on site in our London studio, the workshop’s close proximity to the architectural studio provides a flexible collaboration between architects and model makers, creating a final model that reflects the very latest development in a building’s design.

Modelmakers Modelshop 5
Modelmakers Modelshop 2
Modelmakers Ram2
Modelmakers Peruvian
Modelmakers Cardinal