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EPR is fully committed to the Building Information Modelling (BIM) process. We have a large portfolio of current projects using Revit and all new projects are started in BIM. We believe that this delivers significant benefits to our clients.

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Most of our projects are currently working primarily in a ‘Level 2’ BIM environment in which each of the consultants work on their own independent models, which are brought together at regular intervals for the purposes of coordination and clash detection. We are able to use BIM from inception to completion and for many of these projects EPR are also performing the duties of coordinating BIM.

We also explore opportunities to work with contractors to utilise the design team’s model for construction programming and sequencing of works. In addition, we are also building-in specification and performance criteria into components/families to assist in the development of specifications utilising the NBS Create software. We have an in-house team of BIM project leads, BIM co-ordinators and BIM support and regularly train our staff in current and developing best practice.