RSBC Playhouse

AJ House of Colour Competition

Shortlisted in the AJ's House of Colour competition, EPR's concept for an innovative playhouse offers an inclusive play area for children of all abilities. Working closely with The Royal Society for Blind Children, we took feedback from the children and families the charity supports to design a space where blind and vision impaired children can play safely.

Rsbc Playhouse Cgi 1
Rsbc Playhouse Concept Sketch
Rsbc Playhouse Elevation 2
Rsbc Playhouse Plan Drawings
Rsbc Playhouse Plan Drawing 2
Rsbc Playhouse Cgi 2

Our proposal is an interpretation of the classic treehouse with a suspended dome of soft, hanging tubes which allows children to access the space freely without obstruction, whilst also creating a private den. EPR also worked with colour psychologist Karen Haller to design several playhouses, each with a colour scheme intended to appeal to children of varying personalities.

Client: The Royal Society for Blind Children; Architects Journal | Services: Architecture