York House

Marble Arch

Our design references the proportions of the traditional Georgian town houses in the area, and integrates itself sensitively into the existing context while retaining a sense of confidence and individuality. The articulated appearance of the façade is most noticeable when approached from the street. The deep façade uses light and shadow to develop the rhythm of the bays and projections.

Yorkhouse Evening
Yorkhouse Office

The prime office accommodation forms the largest portion of the building on the east side with 11,000m2 of floor area situated within central flexible service cores. There are high quality retail units on the ground floor and 22 luxury residential apartments on the west side.

Yorkhouse 3
Yorkhouse 2
Yorkhouse 1
Yorkhouse 5
Yorkhouse 6
Yorkhouse 4

The separate office and residential entrances visually divide the building into two blocks, with a fully glazed recess indicating the office entrance and the winter garden recess denoting the break between residential and office accommodation. The elevation design and the use of the same materials have created a building with one cohesive identity that is reinforced by the vaulted zinc roof, supported by 6-storey height external pillars.

Yorkhouse Residential
Yorkhouse Entrance2
Yorkhouse Model

Extensive glazing in the perimeter wall allows daylight to penetrate this space and is broken up into deep, 6-metre bays separated by external full-height columns. The use of brise soleil form an essential part of the Environmental Engineering Programme reducing solar gain and energy consumption whilst creating sufficient glazing to create a bright and airy atmosphere within the offices.

Yorkhouse Drawings

Modern art is a key feature within the architecture: the Seymour Street reception area features two internal veil glass and steel structures, the second smaller office reception facing Bryanston Street has a marble stone sculpture and outside the building, between the residential and office blocks is the Nexus sculpture. The pieces were created by renowned artists Danny Lane, Anish Kapoor and Robert Orchardson.

Yorkhouse Reception2
Yorkhouse Sculpture

Client: British Land plc | Services: Architecture | Size: GIA 19,153m2 / 22 apartments