45 Millharbour

Isle of Dogs

Occupying a prime position in The Tower Hamlets’ thriving Millennium Quarter, this mixed-use building is composed of three distinct volumes, each responding to its immediate context and internal use.

Millharbour Context
Millharbour Cgi2

The two primary elements are 14 storeys each and address Millharbour Lane and Millwall Inner Dock respectively, whilst the seven-storey linking block defines the new public access route across the site from the road to the dockside.

Although the principle material of the development is a combination of light and dark brick, our design also introduces strong accent colours to the elevations to help identify each of the three building blocks. Orange is proposed on Millwall Inner Dock, yellow on Millharbour and a pale blue grey on the linking block. Between the commercial units at ground-floor level these colours are repeated to define the residential reception areas. Above ground a mixture of tenures and flat types are accommodated within total of 136 apartments.

Millharbour Elevation2

Client: Hovedean Properties | Services: Architecture | Size: 136 apartments