Royal Arsenal Riverside


Royal Arsenal Riverside sits at the heart of Woolwich and occupies a prime location along the River Thames. The buildings are Phases 6, 7 and 8 of the Allies and Morrison masterplan, delivering 562 apartments and ground-floor commercial space on a 1.1ha site that forms part of the wider Royal Arsenal Waterfront. The scheme comprises three buildings of varying heights over a common single-storey basement.

10053 Royal Arsenal Riverside Cgi2 © Allies And Morrison
10053 Royal Arsenal Riverside Cgi5 © Allies And Morrison

The ambitious waterfront scheme transforms an underused parcel of land into a new, thriving neighbourhood that enhances its surroundings. It is located at the end of the new linear park which aspires to establish a unique relationship between town and water; linking the town centre in the south to the river frontage in the north.

10053 Royal Arsenal Riverside Cgi4 © Allies And Morrison
10053 Royal Arsenal Riverside Cgi6 © Allies And Morrison

Client: Berkeley Homes | Services: Executive Architect | Size: 565 apartments; 127m² commercial space