Various Locations, UK

In partnership with EVOASIS, we have developed the concept for the Electric Vehicle Rapid-Charge building typology (EVSTAT) to serve the fast emerging electric vehicle market.

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The EVSTAT station can fully charge an electric vehicle in under 20 minutes while providing Club-Class relaxation areas that impart essential business services for on-the-go lifestyles, retail and vehicle rental spaces and other conveniences such as food, beverages, internet and wireless connectivity.

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EVSTAT stations also employ an underground battery-bunker facility consisting of ‘retired’, or ‘half-life’ batteries. This facility captures then stores electrical energy from the grid at off-peak tariff cycles or the recycled batteries can be delivered from a green power facility at source. The stored energy is then used for powering the facility, vehicles and/or an integrated building during peak hours. Combining the station and facilities with a residential development may contribute to achieving Zero Carbon Homes.

This emerging building typology presents an exciting proposition for the automotive and building industry. EPR and EVOASIS are supporting the paradigm shift in the electric transport age by enabling the necessary infrastructure build-out. We are leading the development of this technology to create off-grid buildings, sustainable developments and cleaner cities of the future.

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Client: Evoasis | Services: Architecture | Size: Various